Action for happinessAction for happiness

Action for happiness

Our Efforts to Connect Coffee
to Lots of Happiness.

We aim to be a company that can contribute to society
 by thinking more deeply about the “environment,” “people” and “society,”
 and by taking better action.
We cherish the rich "environment" that fosters coffee,
 and we want to make sure that everyone feels
 the wonder of coffee culture into the future.

We want to bring happiness and joy
 to all stakeholders by thinking of “people.”
 And we would like to contribute to the "community" and "society"
 by aiming to make the company an asset to the city.

We will do what we can do, one thing at a time.
We want to bring a lot of happiness
 through the creation and development of coffee culture.

For "Environment"For "Environment"

For "Environment"

In consideration of the future of our planet, we will actively engage in eco-friendly activities and the effective use of limited resources.

  • Delivering a cup of coffee with the future in mindDelivering a cup of coffee with the future in mind

    Delivering a cup of coffee with the future in mind

    We are delivering a carefully selected cup of coffee from farms that continue to engage in sustainable coffee production.

  • Reuse of Coffee GroundsReuse of Coffee Grounds

    Reuse of Coffee Grounds

    We recycle the coffee grounds that come out after brewing coffee as fertilizer.

  • Reducing Food LossReducing Food Loss

    Reducing Food Loss

    We are making efforts to reduce food loss by introducing an “Eco-friendly" sticker on sandwiches.

For "People"For "People"

For "People"

Customers, business partners and staff.
We cherish all the "people" involved with us and bring them happiness and joy.

  • Providing Safe and Secure ProductsProviding Safe and Secure Products

    Providing Safe and Secure Products

    We strive every day to adhere to strict food safety standards to create an environment in which customers can use our products without worry.

  • Opening of the “Hotline”Opening of the “Hotline”

    Opening of the “Hotline”

    We have a "Hotline" contact where all staff can casually consult at any time.

  • Enhancing Welfare ProgramsEnhancing Welfare Programs

    Enhancing Welfare Programs

    We will strive to create a pleasant working environment by introducing a special leave system and expanding annual holidays.

For "Society"For "Society"

For "Society"

We will cultivate a warm connection between the “city” and “people” and build a community that can contribute to the city.

  • Providing a Place for Job ExperienceProviding a Place for Job Experience

    Providing a Place for Job Experience

    We have partnered with local schools to provide a place for people to experience the fun and joy of working in the food service business.

  • Aiming for a Comfortable Smoking and Non-smoking SocietyAiming for a Comfortable Smoking and Non-smoking Society

    Aiming for a Comfortable Smoking and Non-smoking Society

    We are working to create a smoking and non-smoking society that is comfortable for both “smokers” and “non-smokers.”

  • Community Cleanup ActivitiesCommunity Cleanup Activities

    Community Cleanup Activities

    We will engage in community cleanup activities, valuing warm interaction with everyone in the neighboring community.